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Chris Sloan is a singer-songwriter located in Seattle, Washington, with attention-grabbing, raspy vocals. Sloan has been the lead singer of several bands, including Mercy Parker, Mudsill Widows (Alongside Ben Smith, the drummer from rock and roll hall of fame band Heart), and SideDown, performing on stages since he was 18. Sloan is incredibly excited to release his first solo EP, Into The Shade, written and recorded at the legendary Bear Creek Studios in Woodinville, WA. His first track “Where Do I Stand” is your harmonious, break-up song with an incredibly catchy vocal melody you’ll be singing for weeks.

Sloan also recently recorded his music video and a new live version of single “These Walls” at the famous London Bridge Studios in Seattle, WA. “These Walls” is the second song off the EP, dropping November 11th. Sloan’s unique gritty voice sets him apart not only as an artist but as a polished singer and songwriter as well. His songs stretch across genres from acoustic, indie, pop, and alternative mixed with a bit of rock.

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Chris became an official voting member of the Recording Academy/Grammys in 2022.


Chris Sloan Where Do I Stand single

Where Do I Stand

“Where do I Stand” isn’t really your typical breakup song. It is a beautifully written song about the confusion and swirling storm of emotions that come with a break-up.  Is the fracture permanent?  Will the relationship resume?  Is time apart the saving factor that can mend the connection?  “So tell me, where do I stand?  Do you need space or my hand”?  It’s also about caring enough for someone to let them go in order for them to be happy.  However, letting go isn’t always easy to do when you still love them.  It’s even harder watching them move on with someone else.


Sloan also recorded his music video and a new live version of the single “These Walls” at the famous London Bridge Studios in Seattle, WA with legendary producer Johnathan Plum. Both versions of the song are available on all streaming platforms.

“Chris Sloan is undoubtedly the next big artist coming out of Seattle with his world-class voice and gorgeous songwriting.” – Jonathan Plum, Co-Owner, Producer & Engineer at London Bridge Studios 


“Slow Down has a fascinating harmony, rich melody and sensual vocals from Chris Sloan. You will have the strong desire to learn those lyrics and silently whisper them. Beautiful and meaningful song, with a huge bouquet of emotions.”


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Word on the Street

“Chris Sloan is an amazing songwriter and performer, weaving colorful musical landscapes for the soundtrack of people’s lives!!  Multi-platinum producer, engineer, mixer, Kelly Gray

“Chris writes from experience and sings his tunes with all the passion he’s got!  A bright light in the vocal world, a wonderful guy, and a powerful songwriter and performer.  I love this guy!!” – Ben Smith, Drummer from Heart 

“Chris has a beautiful, hard rock tone with a cool modern twist, his lyrics and songwriting are super emotional and strong. we definitely need more artists like him in our industry.” – Amit Amram (Producer, Songwriter, Mixer)

“Chris is a true artist, with an authenticity in his voice and story unique to him and him alone. He knows how to channel his personal experiences into songs that become universal for all listeners to relate to, all while knowing how to best showcase his powerful voice. This power was apparent from the first moment he walked into the studio.” – Taylor Carroll, Producer & Engineer at Bear Creek Studios

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